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Wing Chun Universe Oakleigh Reviews

We have told you what we are all about, now instead of taking our word for it, check out some of the many different places that our students leave reviews of our school, Wing Chun Universe Oakleigh. Here is a short list of some of the places that our students have left reviews.

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"Sifu Jason is a truly fantastic instructor. I've been training with him since he opened the school. Sifu Jason is always patient in his coaching and is ever-willing to help his students improve and develop their skills. He always places his students as his priority and even extended himself to coach me beyond the sessions, so that I could improve my skills. Sifu Jason has encouraged me and has been instrumental in keeping my passion for Wing Chun martial arts strong. Thank you Sifu Jason for continuing your passion and sharing it with us!"
"My little girl loves this place, the kids program is great and academy is setup up nicely. All the kids get along and the kids are always challenged both mentally and physically. I little girl has really grown since she took up Kung Fu at this academy"

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