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Mens classes

Wing Chun Kung Fu Men training

Our men's classes are for people of all ages, fitness levels and skill levels. Teaching students how to defend themselves with a quick no nonsense self defence system.

At our academy we have classes to suit adults from beginners to advanced levels. Our focus is on teaching Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu. This helps to develop self defence, coordination, confidence and mental and physical fitness.

Mens class times

Ladies classes

Wing Chun Kung Fu Women training

At our academy we show woman how to defend themselves from larger attackers with a system created by a woman. This means not using force, rather correct technique and form.

The Wing Chun Kung Fu system was created with woman in mind. Our instructors never forget that fact, no matter the size of the practitioner. This makes for an extremely effective self defence system for woman.

Ladies class times

Girls and boys classes

Wing Chun Kung Fu Kids training

Our academy's Kids classes have children from approx 7 to 14 years of age. The focus on self defence against bullying, fitness, concentration, respect and many other qualities is very important to us.

Primarily focusing on children's self defence our children's programs also promote fitness, children's confidence and social skills. While at all times never forgetting the discipline found in all martial arts. Our academy's kids programs are conducted in a safe and fun environment.

Girls & Boys class times

Class types

Adult Classes In our adult classes we show how to defend against many different attacks using Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu.
Cardio Kung Fu Classes In our cardio classes we use Kung Fu movements and combinations in a way to increase cardiovascular and all round fitness levels. This in turn helps with muscular toning and weight loss.
Sparring Classes Our sparring classes give the students a feeling of what it may be like under the stresses of having to defend themselves. While at the same time learning how to compose themselves and use Wing Chun Kung Fu effectively.
Private Classes Private lessons are a fantastic way to improve on many aspects of a student's training in a one on one lesson with their instructor.
Reflex Classes Our reflex classes are designed to increase a student's reaction time while helping them to apply Wing Chun techniques quickly and correctly.
Chi Sao Classes Wing Chun is a close range self defence system. Our Chi Sao classes are designed to help increase the contact reflexes needed in this range.
Kids Classes Our Kids classes are designed to help with self defence, bullying and recognising dangerous situations while improving children's discipline, focus coordination, concentration, reflexes, fitness, balance and many other quality's.
Kicking Classes Our kicking classes help students develop power, speed, accuracy, balance and flexibility out of their kicks, while getting great exercise at the same time.