Wing Chun Melbourne

The true effectiveness of martial arts would be its ability to be applied by people of ages, gender, size and strengths. Wing Chun Kung Fu is such an art.

Wing Chun Kung Fu provides the practitioners with a logical, no nonsense method for self defence. Its economy of motion and body structure is found throughout the Wing Chun Kung Fu System making suitable for all. These principals and strategies make Wing Chun Kung Fu as effective today as the day it was created whether the practitioner is looking for self defence, fitness or fun.

Sifu Jason Woodward

Ladies and mens classes

Its never too late to start Wing Chun Kung Fu in Melbourne. Many people are looking for martial arts that won't take its toll on their body, and Wing Chun Kung Fu is the system for them. As Wing Chun Kung Fu does not fight force with force but rather deflecting the opponent's energy it makes it suitable for all.

Wing Chun Kung Fu can improve a person's body and mind like no other activity and will provide the challenges many seek in a martial art. You will definitely feel the benefits and rewards for your training and participation in our Oakleigh Wing Chun Kung Fu classes. For more information on mens class times or ladies class times in Melbourne call us today.

Girls and boys classes

At Wing Chun Universe Oakleigh academy we welcomes parents to bring their children to learn the most effective Self Defence system in the world. Our simple and fun kids programs are not based in violence our programs are designed to improve enhance and challenge your child's, focus, concentration, coordination, self confidence, respect and many other qualities at the same time not forgetting the underlining elements of self defence. For more information on kids classes times in Melbourne call us today.

Wing Chun Universe, Melbourne

Wing Chun Universe Family

The Wing Chun Universe academy was established in Melbourne in 2006 by Master Joe Sayah, who is currently the youngest red sash Master. Master Joe believes that Wing Chun Kung Fu is not just a martial art, its a way of life. He takes the time to personally train all his Sifu instructors in his academies throughout Melbourne to ensure that they are training you in the correct ways of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

The aim of each Wing Chun Kung Fu class taught at the Wing Chun Universe throughout Melbourne, is to ensure students leave feeling confident, relaxed and are continuously improving their skills each and every class.

Wing Chun Universe Philosophy

Drawing of IP Man

The aim of Wing Chun Kung Fu is to develop physical, mental and spiritual awareness. These elements transcend you to a higher level of life. Self awareness, self respect and a duty to serve should be the goal of life in every martial artist. Meditate on these principles and make peace on your study of Kung Fu, a way of life.

When fear is removed, the arrogance of uncertainty is dispelled. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to prove yourself in any form of combat. By learning how to fight, you learn how not to fight.